Artist, Organizer, Teacher, Social Activist
"Shuva, a people’s person, is a man of many parts – artist, organizer, teacher and social activist. Ever ready to help others and take up new challenges, he is a prominent intellectual and an active player in Bengal’s cultural and socio-political movements. …A fatherly figure on the contemporary Indian art circuit, he is hard working and determined, brimming with ideas and energy."
(Sushma Bahl in "Black Brown & the Blue")
Bengalee by Passion
"To Shuvaprasanna complete abstraction is too artificial, too 'lifeless', too wide away from the direct approach of human relations in a city like Calcutta. On the other hand, he is naturally not a photographer who portrays the reality. But Shuvaprasanna reduces; he therefore abstracts gradually. His presentation of reality often has dream-like elements in it. But does not the dream often show a deeper view of reality? "
" spite of all universality of the assessment Shuvaprasanna is not simply 'westernized'. Just on the contrary: he is an Indian by conviction, a Bengalee by passion and a Calcuttan out of his love for the city."
(Ralf Oestreich)